The emergence of electromobility: comparing technological pathways in France, Germany, China and India

Altenburg, Tilman / Eike W. Schamp / Ankur Chaudhary
Externe Publikationen (2015)

in: Science and Public Policy Vol. 43(4), 464-475


Globally, new forms of electromobility are challenging established transport technologies based on internal combustion engines. We explore how this transition is simultaneously unfolding in four countries, enabling us to shed some light on the dynamics and determinants of technological path creation. Our analysis covers two old industrialized countries (France and Germany) and two newly industrialized countries (China and India) with very different market conditions and policy frameworks. It reveals enormously different choices of technologies and business models and traces them back to four main drivers of divergence: technological capabilities, demand conditions, political priorities and economic governance.

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Altenburg, Tilman



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