Transformative Urban Coalitions (TUC) City Profile: Recife, Brazil

Turmena, Lucas / Aline Lusieux / Simone Sandholz / Flávia Guerra / Michael Roll
Externe Publikationen (2022)

Bonn: United Nations University - Institute for Environment and Human Security (UNU-EHS)

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To fight the climate crisis, cities have to become more sustainable now. Transformations towards sustainability must be based on the specific urban characteristics of each city. An analysis of the current factors that may or may not enable urban sustainability transformations is a first step for developing locally suited strategies. TUC City Profiles is a series of short reports developed as part of the Transformative Urban Coalitions (TUC) project to share insights into the existing challenges and opportunities to address cross-cutting urban sustainability transformation and development issues through inclusive climate action in the five Latin American TUC cities. The following short report summarizes the main findings from a political economy and ecology analysis of Recife, Brazil, describing its main geographic, socioeconomic and environmental characteristics as well as climate governance set-up. It concludes with suggested entry points for transformative change towards sustainability.

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Roll, Michael



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