Alumni / Networking Meeting of the BMZ African-German Leadership Academy

In Person meeting

Ort / Datum
Accra, 17.10.2022 bis 19.10.2022


German Institute of Development and Sustainability (IDOS) and African Center for Economic Transformation (ACET)

Network events are a core feature of the BMZ African-German Leadership Academy (African Academy); they address the dialogue aspect of the Academy’s programme. In its second year running, the African Academy will host its launch networking event from 17-19 October 2022 in Accra, Ghana. The event intends to strengthen the connections between partners and participants of the African Academy and foster a cross-country exchange. In the spirit of transnational cooperation, the hosting of the network event is a collaboration between IDOS and our local partner, ACET.


The thematic focus of the workshop is on: food and water security as impacted by climate change. Climate-related risks such as frequent and extreme weather events like draughts or heavy rains continue to threaten food security and the sustainability of food systems across the globe. Finding solutions, including mitigation and adaptation strategies to these threats, is incumbent on all of us. As a multi-disciplinary and transboundary network, this diversity will enrich discussions and exchanges and bring new ideas, inputs and insights to the fore. The workshop will also deliberate on future activities of the African-German Leadership Academy network.


Additionally, the event is a networking opportunity; it aims to revive the spirit of the “African Academy family” and explore the ‘We'-Identity of the African Academy alumni network. Invitation to attend and participate in the event is open to the alumni of the 2021 pilot online Academy and cohorts of the in-person Academy of 2022.


The cohorts of both Academies will shape the programme for this networking event as it is by the IDOS team to foster a sense of ownership amongst the alumni and the entire network.


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17.10.2022 bis 19.10.2022




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Head of the BMZ African-German Leadership Academy
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