Prospects for peace in times of change: A comprehensive approach and key requirements for a future German peace policy

Expert discussion

Berlin, 19.10.2022


FriEnt, in cooperation with IDOS (German Institute of Development and Sustainability) under the auspices of the Friedrich-Ebert Foundation as host organisation of the SPAN conference.

The watershed moment of the Russian war of aggression against Ukraine is reshaping international cooperation and initiated a paradigm shift in German foreign policy. How will this affect crisis prevention and peacebuilding? In times of a raging climate crisis, a global pandemic, and a spike in world hunger and poverty, it has become clear, that the threats for peace and human security are globalized and interconnected. However, the current political discourse in Germany about a sea change (“Zeitenwende”) in its foreign and security policy tends to neglect these interrelations and to disregard perspectives from the Global South. In a bid to bridge this gap, the discussion takes up on a core question: What are key requirements for a future German peace policy – understood as a triad of development cooperation, foreign and security policy – in response to the changing conditions and (global) demands for peace and human security?

On the occasion of the annual conference of the Security Policy Alternatives Network (SPAN) we want to discuss with experts and civil society activists from Mali, Nigeria, the Philippines, and Iraq among others, about implications of the current political upheavals in different parts of the world. We aim to identify points of reference for a multidimensional and comprehensive approach on pressing issues for peace and (human) security.


Guiding questions for the discussion:

  • How to address changing dynamics of cooperation and conflict and opposing values and interests – especially regarding democratic governance and human rights?
  • How to establish partnerships based on agency and ownership and to meet the needs of all parts of society – beyond states and governments?
  • How to address conflicting interests and dilemmas as part of the political dialogue – especially with southern partners, in light of prevailing disputes about double standards?


You are cordially invited to join the discussion. We are looking forward to your contributions!

Since its creation 20 years ago, FriEnt, the working group on peace and development, has played an important role for German crisis prevention and peace policy in promoting dialogue and discussion between civil society and state actors. FriEnt also acts as a facilitator for mutual learning and exchange with the Global South. Since March 2022, FriEnt has been hosting a series of events on the paradigm shift in German foreign and security policy (“Zeitenwende”).

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Datum / Uhr
19.10.2022 / 18:30 - 20:00




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