A new era for the G20? Insights from the T20 Summit 2022 in Indonesia

Lynders, Eva-Maria / Wulf Reiners
External Publications (2022)

published on blogs.idos-research.de, 14.09.2022

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Cooperation in the G20 is both more difficult and more needed than ever, especially in light of disagreements on how to respond to Russia’s invasion of Ukraine. The absence of trust constitutes a key obstacle to formulate joint positions. In this difficult situation, the “Southernisation” of the G20 may lead to a new era of cooperation: the current Indonesian presidency will be followed by India (2023), Brazil (2024) and South Africa (2025), thus kicking off a string of G20 presidencies from “the global South”. We argue that the sequence of Southern presidencies can bring a stronger development focus, more continuity and build joint understanding to the G20’s proceedings. A newly founded T20 Research Forum may support such efforts. An important prerequisite is a stronger cooperation between the G20 and G7.

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