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Chinese investments in Africa: corporate responsibility and sustainability norms

Grimm, Sven / Daouda Cissé
External Publications (2015)

in: International Journal of Business Governance and Ethics 10 (3/4), 285–304


For its development, Africa unquestionably needs foreign investments. Consequently, developing global partnerships for economic and social development is high on the agenda of African Governments across the continent. New partnerships with emerging economies have formed alongside traditional ones, and through its investments in African countries, China has become one of Africa’s major economic partners. Even though progressively diversifying, Chinese investments have concentrated in the resources and the infrastructure development sectors which are environmentally sensitive. This paper explores Chinese investments in African states from a perspective of norms (‘sustainability’) and institutions aimed at including the environmental dimension of sustainability. The environmental sustainability of Chinese engagement is discussed with regard to its inclusion or otherwise in incentives and regulations concerning Chinese enterprises and financial lending institutions activities abroad.

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