Finding synergies and trade-offs when linking biodiversity and climate change through cooperative initiatives

Widerberg, Oscar / Idil Boran / Sander Chan / Andrew Deneault / Marcel Kok / Katarzyna Negacz / Philipp Pattberg / Matilda Petersson
External Publications (2023)

in: Global Policy 14 (1), 157-161

Open access

The causes and consequences of biodiversity loss and climate change are deeply intertwined. Hundreds of existing cooperative initiatives—gathering thousands of states, regions, cities, companies, civil society organisations and communities—are potentially bending the curve on biodiversity loss and tackling climate change simultaneously. More research is needed to understand if, how and under what conditions cooperative initiatives are delivering on their promises and importantly how they can contribute to both ‘biodiversity positive outcomes’ and ‘net-zero emissions’ at the same time.

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Transnational and international environmental politics and governance


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