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From transfer to knowledge co-production: a transdisciplinary research approach to reduce black carbon emissions in Metro Manila, Philippines

Tönisson, Liina / Yvonne Kunz / Simonas Kecorius / Leizel Madueno / Everlyn Gayle Tamayo / Dang Marviluz, Casanova / Qi Zhao / Tamara Schikowski / Anna-Katharina Hornidge / Alfred Wiedensohler / Andreas Macke
External Publications (2020)

in: Sustainability 12 (23), article 10043

DOI: https://doi.org/10.3390/su122310043

Air pollution, which kills an estimated 7 million people every year, is one of the greatest environmental health risks of our times. Finding solutions to this threat poses challenges to practitioners and policymakers alike. Increasing awareness on the benefits of transdisciplinary research in solution-oriented sustainable development projects has led to the establishment of the research project “A Transdisciplinary Approach to Mitigate Emissions of Black Carbon” (TAMEBC). This paper introduces the TAME-BC research setup that took place with Metro Manila, Philippines, case study. The approach integrates BC measurements with technological, sociopolitical, and health aspects to improve the scientific state of the art, policymaking, transport sector planning, and clinical studies related to air pollution health effects. The first pillar in the setup presents an (1) air quality assessment through aerosol measurements and instrumentation, complemented by a (2) description and assessment of the current policies, technologies, and practices of the transport sector that is responsible for pollution levels in the Philippines, as well as a (3) BC exposure and associated health impacts assessment. The fourth pillar is intercrossing, fostering (4) knowledge co-creation through stakeholder involvement across scales. The authors argue that this transdisciplinary approach is useful for research endeavors aiming for emission mitigation in rapidly urbanizing regions beyond Metro Manila.

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