Global but not regional? The role of African regional migration regimes in the international governance architecture

Dick, Eva / Benjamin Schraven
External Publications (2019)

Fiesole: European University Institute (EUI), (EUI Working Paper 33)


Regional organisations and migration regimes are increasingly being acknowledged in global migration policies. The global compacts for migration and on refugees adopted in December 2018 recognise the migration-related expertise and important function of regional organisations in the implementation of international guidelines and policies. But the compacts’ wording is vague on the division of labour between global and regional migration regimes, and important questions remain unanswered. The authors contribute to filling this knowledge gap by considering two migration policy processes in the context of their overall (regional) migration governance systems and regimes – the ECOWAS Protocol for the Free Movement of Persons and the IGAD Regional Framework for Durable Solutions for Somali Refugees.

About the authors

Dick, Eva

Sociologist and Spatial Planner


Schraven, Benjamin

Political Scientist


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Christ, Simone

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Ekoh, Susan S.

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Flaig, Merlin

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Gitt, Florian


Hadank-Rauch, Rebecca

Environmental and Development Sciences 

Haug, Sebastian

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Jaji, Rose


Kuhnt, Jana

Development Economist 

Martin-Shields, Charles

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Morare, Ditebogo Modiegi

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Nowack, Daniel

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Olekseyuk, Zoryana


Stewart, Benjamin

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Wingens, Christopher

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