Green hydrogen for sustainable industrial development: a policy toolkit for developing countries

Fokeer, Smeeta / Jan Sievernich / Andrea Heredia / Emanuele Bianco / Yury Melnikov / Rita Strohmaier / Almudena Nunez / Andreas Stamm
External Publications (2023)

United Nations Industrial Development Organization (UNIDO)/International Renewable Energy Agency (IRENA)/German Institut of Development and Sustainability (IDOS), Vienna: UNIDO

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Green hydrogen (GH2) is gaining significant attention within the global energy landscape. As a clean and renewable energy carrier, GH2 holds the potential to  transform a number of sectors, spanning heavy industries to shipping and aviation. Its benefits are far-reaching, ranging from the reduction of greenhouse gas  emissions to reinforcing energy security and creating opportunities for green industrialization. However, to fully unlock GH2’s potential, an equitable distribution of its benefits to all is indispensable. Against this background, the report “GH2 for sustainable industrial development: A Policy Toolkit for Developing Countries”  reframes the prevailing narrative by shifting its focus away from the role of developing countries as producers and exporters in the future hydrogen market to  highlighting the significance of the hydrogen value chain for developing countries themselves.

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