Qué sabemos sobre desigualdades socioecológicas? Elementos para una respuesta

Scholz, Imme
External Publications (2014)

in: Barbara Göbel / Manuel Góngora-Mera / Astrid Ulloa, Desigualdades socioambientales en América Latina, Bogotá, Berlin: Iberoamerikanisches Institut Preußischer Kulturbesitz / Universidad Nacional de Colombia, 85-112

ISBN: 978-958-775-221-2

The purpose of the article is to review some concepts elaborated by social science for the analysis of nature-society relations, with a particular emphasis on the linkages between socio-economic inequalities and the (over)use of natural resources and ecosystems. The article explores three perspectives on  socio-ecological inequalities: (i) those arising from socioeconomic and political inequalities, (ii) those originated by the exploitation of natural resources in marginal or fragile areas; (iii) those linked to the local effects of processes of global environmental change such as climate change.

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Scholz, Imme



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