Should we refortify or reinvigorate Europe?

Keijzer, Niels / Thomas Henökl
External Publications (2016)

published on Euractiv 5. Sep. 2016


The column was published in the run-up to the Bratislava summit and outlines the possible meaning for the future of the EU as well as the danger of de-prioritisation of long term objectives like Sustainable Development or the reconstruction of social cohesion in and between member states. The authors give a strong plea for ‘inclusive cooperation’ as a core aspect of the European success story since 1945, which, when contrasted with developments like the BREXIT and negotiations on refugee quotas, appear very relevant again.

About the authors

Keijzer, Niels

Social Science


Henökl, Thomas

Political Scientist

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Baydag, Melis

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Bergmann, Julian

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Dang, Vy

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Erforth, Benedikt

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Friesen, Ina

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Gitt, Florian


Goedeking, Nicholas

Comparative Political Economy 

Grimm, Sven

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Hackenesch, Christine

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Haug, Sebastian

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Inacio da Cunha, Marcelo

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