Toward a revolutionary path: Ecuador’s Yasuní-ITT initiative

Martin, Pamela L. / Imme Scholz
External Publications (2014)

published on International Development Policy/Revue Internationale de Politique de Développement 5.2/2014


This paper contributes to the ‘Policy Debate’ section of International Development Policy. It focuses on Ecuador’s ITT Yasuní Initiative which had pledged to abstain from exploiting oil reserves in the primary forest provided that industrialized countries paid into a fund in order to compensate for lost revenue. Pamela L. Martin, Coastal Carolina University in Conway, South Carolina, starts the debate with an analysis of the reasons for the failure of the ITT Yasuní Initiative in 2013, namely President Correa’s public pursuit of a Plan B, entering into negotiations with oil firms interested to explore the ITT reserves. Her article is followed by a response by Imme Scholz which examines why Germany, as the largest European donor, withdrew its support for the ITT Yasuní Initiative.

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