Trade and climate change: a key agenda for the G20

Brandi, Clara / Axel Berger / Aaron Cosbey / Susanne Dröge / Manfred Elsig / Ilaria Espa / Jean-Frédéric Morin
External Publications (2020)

in: T20 Saudi Arabia, Policy Brief, Online


This policy brief investigates the interplay of two critically important Group of Twenty (G20) agenda items: trade and climate change. We argue that there is significant room for a stronger emphasis on climate-friendly trade measures that are in line with the global trade regime. We believe that the G20 should fully tap into this potential. We recommend (1) using preferential trade agreements to leverage climate action, (2) phasing out fossil fuel subsidies, (3) seeking international cooperation and consensus on the implementation of border carbon adjustments, (4) making use of investment law and, more generally, (5) fostering trade and climate linkages through the G20.

About the authors

Berger, Axel

Political Science


Brandi, Clara

Economy and Political Science


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Aleksandrova, Mariya

Climate risk governance 

Bauer, Steffen

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Beck, Tanja

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Dippel, Beatrice


Ekoh, Susan S.

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Gitt, Florian


Hägele, Ramona

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Iacobuta, Gabriela

Climate and sustainable development policy 

Lehmann, Ina

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Malerba, Daniele


Mathis, Okka Lou

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Never, Babette

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Olekseyuk, Zoryana


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