UN General Assembly voting on Ukraine – What does it tell us about African states’ relations with external partners?

Keijzer, Niels / Silke Weinlich / Sven Grimm
External Publications (2022)

published on blogs.die-gdi.de, 04.03.2022

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On 2 March 2022, the UN General Assembly voted in a special emergency session on a resolution condemning the Russian attack on Ukraine. The General Assembly dealt with the issue on the basis of a referral from the Security Council, which was paralysed by a Russian veto. The resolution calls for an immediate ceasefire and clearly names Russia as the aggressor. Voting behaviour in the UN General Assembly should not be over-interpreted, assuming that votes are transferable to other bodies and situations. Nevertheless, this vote in New York can be seen as a key moment that shows which states are currently ready to condemn the violation of the UN Charta by Russian aggression.

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