Estuarine territorialization and the port of Hamburg

Hein, Jonas / Nils Hilder
Externe Publikationen (2023)

in: Maritime Studies 22, article 39

Open access

The port of Hamburg is the third-largest port in Europe and located approximately 120 km from the North Sea in the inner delta of the vast Elbe estuary. The foundation, expansion, and maintenance of Hamburg’s port required the reconfiguration of the estuary and its inner delta. Dredging and reclamation have transformed aquatic spaces and provided the material framework conditions for shipping and port industry. We build our contribution on an analysis of contemporary and historical documents, newspaper articles, and qualitative interviews, focusing on the metabolism of territorialization and protests against port expansion. Conceptually, we formulate a political ecology of estuarine territorialization and show how the materiality and the tidal-fuelled power of the Elbe estuary and constant dredging produce a specific form of territoriality, which is itself dynamic and in constant change, reflecting power dynamics within society and among humans and the estuary.

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Hein, Jonas



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