Place-making through the creation of common spaces in Lima’s self-built settlements: El Ermitaño and Pampa de Cueva as case studies for a regional urbanization strategy

Almaaroufi, Samar / Kathrin Golda-Pongratz / Franco Jauregui-Fung / Sara Pereira / Natalia Pulido-Castro / Jeffrey Kenworthy
Externe Publikationen (2019)

in: Urban Science 3(4), article 112



Lima has become the first Peruvian megacity with more than 10 million people, resulting from the migration waves from the countryside throughout the 20th century, which have also contributed to the diverse ethnic background of today’s city. The paper analyzes two neighborhoods located in the inter-district area of Northern Lima: Pampa de Cueva and El Ermitaño as paradigmatic cases of the city’s expansion through non-formal settlements during the 1960s. They represent a relevant case study because of their complex urbanization process, the presence of pre-Hispanic heritage, their location in vulnerable hillside areas in the fringe with a protected natural landscape, and their potential for sustainable local economic development. The article traces back the consolidation process of these self-built neighborhoods or barriadas within the context of Northern Lima as a new centrality for the metropolitan area. The analysis of urban form and mobility, heritage and environmental challenges, governance, and social integration leads to a proposal for neighborhood upgrading, capacity building with participatory processes, and a vision for future local development to decentralize the traditional metropolitan centers, which can be scaled to other peripheral neighborhoods.

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Jauregui Fung, Franco

Architektur, Urbane Ballungsräume

Jauregui Fung

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