Transforming our world, achieving a sustainable development model: the 2030 Agenda and the EU

With contributions by Roberto Bissio / Carles Casajuana / Koen De Feyter / Lelio Iapadre / Markus Loewe / Fabiana Maglio / Annalisa Prizzon / Liliana Rodrigues / Sahar T. Rad
Externe Publikationen (2017)

in: Conny Reuter / Ernst Stetter (eds.), Progressive lab for sustainable development: from vision to action, Brussels: Foundation for European Progressives Studies / SOLIDAR / Group of the progressive alliance of the Socialist and Democrats in the European Parliament, 15-29

ISBN: 978-2-930769-13-4

The 2030 Agenda for Sustainable Development sets out the framework for achieving, by 2030, a sustainable development model where no one is left behind and planetary boundaries are respected. Following its adoption, the European Union committed itself to a transformative programme, which could potentially turn the current unsustainable ‘growth-at-any-cost’ economic model into a sustainable one based on the clear supremacy of human rights over the economic privileges of vested interest groups. This will require measures and policies that tackle the current major global challenges such as growing inequalities; the biased trade and investment strategies and growing corporates’ power; the shrinking funding for development cooperation. It is time for the EU to move from vision to action.

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Loewe, Markus



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