• The Corona Virus and international development cooperation

    Picture by PIRO4D on Pixabay

The Corona Virus and international development cooperation

The corona pandemic is becoming the largest global health crisis in decades. The virus does not stop at developing countries either. When the corona virus spreads there, it will have massive negative socioeconomic effects. Most countries in the Global South have already taken strict measures to contain the virus. However, given the local living conditions, these measures are much more difficult to implement than in the Global North. The isolation measures of numerous countries and regions, for example in Europe, do also have a strong economic and social impact. Developing countries are directly and increasingly suffering from the onset of global recession, supply chain disruption and raw material price shocks. Many countries are experiencing slumps in tourism, guest worker transfers and international trade in goods and services. In addition, developing countries and rising powers are now suffering from unprecedented capital flight.

In this special, experts from the German Institute of Development and Sustainability (IDOS) explore the developmental and socioeconomic consequences of the corona crisis in our format „The Current Column“ and on the „Future of Globalisation“ blog as well as by opinion pieces and interviews in the media.




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