• Impact-oriented accompanying research

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Impact-oriented accompanying research

Learning from rigorous impact assessments is crucial to enhance the effectiveness of development interventions. As a partner of many implementing agencies, the  German Institute of Development and Sustainability (IDOS) conducts rigorous impact assessments covering topics such as governance, social protection, taxation, digitalization and agriculture. The research presented here gives an overview of our work.

Our impact- oriented accompanying research projects aim at developing a long time working relationship between research and programmes that are implementing development interventions. Our aim is to facilitate a joint learning process while generating evidence-based findings from independent impact assessments. All our accompanying research projects include regular advisory exchanges with our partners and a solid dissemination strategy of impact assessment results. In our work, we employ mixed methods designs using mostly self-collected data sets. Randomized controlled trials and other quantitative methods are always combined with qualitative research techniques in order to assess the size of the impacts but also to show why and how impacts have evolved.