Harnessing the potential and mitigating the risks of using digital innovation to build a more climate-resilient, prosperous, and democratic world

Erforth, Benedikt / Brian King / Charles Martin-Shields / Dorcas Owino
External Publications (2023)

in: T7 Task Force Science and Digitalization for a Better Future Policy Brief (April 2023)

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Humanity faces complex challenges across social, economic, and ecological dimensions. The window of opportunity for mitigating or reversing the most harmful effects of megatrends such as climate change is quickly closing. The coming decade could be a critical turning point. It will also likely be characterized by unprecedented technological innovation that could provide the tools humanity needs to tackle some of its most pressing challenges. This policy brief examines the policies and investments G7 countries may adopt and promote to help humanity harness the potential for applying digital technologies responsibly to build a more climate-resilient, prosperous, and democratic world.

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