The role of conservation agreements in disaster risk reduction: the case of Mount Mantalingahan Protected Landscape (MMPL) in the Philippines

Matias, Denise Margaret / Jeanne Tabangay
External Publications (2014)

in: Radhika Murti / Camille Buyck (eds.), Safe havens: protected areas for disaster risk reduction and climate change adaptation , Gland: IUCN, 104-115

ISBN: 978-2-8317-1687-9

As a protected landscape, Mount Mantalingahan’s importance lies in it being a Key Biodiversity Area (KBA) and one of ten Alliance for Zero Extinction (AZE) sites in the Philippines. However, prior to its declaration as a protected landscape, its forest area was not only in danger of mining activities but also of several hazards such as flooding and landslides. The declaration of Mount Mantalingahan as a protected landscape, along with its associated livelihood programmes for the mountain’s inhabitants, allowed for participatory activities that contributed to reduction of flooding and landslide risks in addition to livelihood improvements in three out of five municipalities that are included in the protected landscape. Disaster risk reduction in protected landscapes is best pursued in conjunction with conservation and development objectives. Through  several conservation agreements with Conservation International-Philippines (CI-P), local communities in the Mount Mantalingahan Protected Landscape (MMPL) restored and conserved watersheds and, in the process, developed soft skills in managing community forestry enterprises and local water cooperatives.

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