Researchers at the German Institute of Development and Sustainability (IDOS) publish their research results in prestigious external publishers such as Springer, Routledge, Nomos, Frank Cass & Co.

All German volumes up to 1993 (No. 106) were self-published by IDOS. They can (if not sold out) be ordered directly from the Institute (on account).

Please contact the publication department by e-mail or mail for further information.

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  1. Innovation for Sustainability

    Rennkamp, Britta (ed.) (2010)

  2. Wirksamere Entwicklungspolitik: Befunde, Reformen, Instrumente

    Faust, Jörg / Susanne Neubert (Hrsg.) (2010)

  3. Energy pathways to a low carbon society

    Messner, Dirk et al. (eds.) (2010)

  4. Conflicts among international regimes on environmental issues: a theory-driven analysis

    Zelli, Fariborz (2010)

  5. Demokratieförderung in außenabhängigen Entwicklungsländern: ein Forschungsansatz zur kontextsensiblen Analyse internationaler Demokratieförderung

    Leininger, Julia (2010)

  6. Second ASEM Development Conference: towards an Asia-EU partnership for sustainable development: background study

    Messner, Dirk et al. (2010)

  7. Report of the FAO Workshop on child labour in fisheries and aquaculture in cooperation with ILO Rome, 14–16 April 2010

    Knuth, Lidija et al. (2010)

  8. Soziale Sicherung in den arabischen Ländern: Determinanten, Defizite und Strategien für den informellen Sektor

    Loewe, Markus (2010)

  9. Protecting biological diversity: the effectiveness of access and benefit-sharing regimes

    Richerzhagen, Carmen (2010)

  10. Adaptation to climate change in Southern Africa: new boundaries for development

    Bauer, Steffen / Imme Scholz (eds.) (2010)