• Results-based Approaches in Development Cooperation

Results-based Approaches in Development Cooperation

There is growing interest to better link funding to results. Development organisations are designing and implementing new approaches to strengthen the focus on results. Results-based approaches promise to deliver more effective aid and better demonstrate the impact that development financing is making. The key characteristic of results-based approaches is a contract between funder and recipient that defines incentives to achieve measureable results.

A small range of results-based approaches exists and an increasing number of development actors designs and implements results-based approaches. The current debate on results-based approaches is helpful by encouraging a systematic discussion on results, but sufficient practical experience is still lacking. Also, there are open questions regarding the conceptual underpinnings of results-based approaches. Overall, it is unclear whether potential disadvantages outweigh potential benefits.

The German Institute of Development and Sustainability (IDOS) conducts research on the theoretical foundations of results-based approaches and analyses practical experiences with implementing results-based approaches. This special presents the work of IDOS on results-based approaches.