Africa–Europe Cooperation and Digital Transformation virtual book launch

Virtual book launch

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Online, 14.03.2023


The centre for Africa-Europe relations (ECDPM), IDOS

On Tuesday 14 March 2023, ECDPM are hosting a virtual book launch of Africa-Europe Cooperation and Digital Transformation, edited by Chux Daniels (University of Sussex),Benedikt Erforth (German Institute of Development and Sustainability) and Chloe Teevan (ECDPM) and published with Routledge.

Digital transformation concerns every aspect of the global economy and is a route to economic growth and potential job creation. Yet, this global megatrend has far wider implications, affecting political systems and society at large, and requires major policy interventions in order to be beneficial for society. Both Africa and Europe are struggling with how to reign in the positive benefits of digital transformation, whilst tackling some of its most nefarious challenges.

Digital transformation can be a key area of engagement in relations between Africa and Europe. Both seek to benefit from the multiple economic and social opportunities it can bring, whilst securing their own digital sovereignty in a geopolitically fraught global environment. This book launch will examine two aspects of the relationship: 1) the nexus between digital and economic growth and 2) the role of regulatory alignment, standardisation and data protection.

This virtual book launch will discuss the current challenges and opportunities of the digital transformation for Africa and Europe, and where there is room for further cooperation. The editors will be joined by a number of contributing authors as well as external experts from both Africa and Europe to allow for an insightful and multifaceted discussion.




Welcome & Short presentation of the book by co-editors

Europe-Africa cooperation and the digital transformation of African economies

Europe and Africa hope to take advantage of digital transformation and ensure their economies are not left behind. This panel looks at how digital technology is transforming all sectors of the economy. The speakers will unpack how technology can potentially support improved productivity for farmers, allow MSMEs to take advantage of trade opportunities, and foster industrialisation. The panel will explore the regulatory changes and investments necessary to make this happen and propose ways that Europe and Africa can work together to drive digital transformation as a route to economic growth and potential job creation.


  • Karishma Banga, Research Fellow, Institute of Development Studies
  • Tunde Fafunwa, Managing Director, Kitskoo, Inc. and Former Senior Advisor, UNECA


European and African approaches to data protection and regulation

In the digital era, the free flow of data is necessary to stimulate growth. At the same time, there is a dire need to protect individual rights, privacy and security. Across the African continent new data protection regimes are emerging, the design and implementation of which will shape African economies and societies for years to come. The EU understands itself as a beacon of data protection in the world and is eager to share its data protection framework (eg. GDPR) with partners abroad. Yet a mere translation of the European model to African contexts is unlikely to succeed. Against this backdrop, the panel discusses European and African approaches to data protection, the challenges ahead and opportunities for cooperation.



  • Charles Martin-Shields, Senior Researcher, German Institute of Development and Sustainability (TBC) 
  • Michael Gastrow, Director: Science in Society, Human Sciences Research Council & Professor of Practice, University of Johannesburg



  • Melody Musoni, Policy Officer, ECDPM & Former Senior Subject Matter Expert: Data Protection at SADC Secretariat 


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14.03.2023 / 16:00 - 17:30




Photo: Benedikt Erforth

Dr. Benedikt Erforth
Project Lead & Senior Researcher, Research programme Inter- and Transnational Cooperation
Phone + 49 (0)228 94927-166


Cover: Africa Europe cooperation and digital transformation

Africa–Europe cooperation and digital transformation
Daniels, Chux / Benedikt Erforth / Chloe Teevan (Eds.) (2022)

London: Routledge