• Why it is worth to support and protect democracy worldwide

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Why it is worth to support and protect democracy worldwide

Autocratization trends are the new normal worldwide. Nationalist populists undermine democracy from within, citizens do not feel represented, and social polarization is growing. At the same time, great powers such as China and Russia undermine the legitimacy of democratic values and norms in global politics. In view of the problems of representation in the cradles of democracy, politicians in Europe and North America are no longer prioritizing the promotion of democracy. Rather, it has developed into a good tone to strictly reject the autocratic model à la China. It only seems clear what democrats do not want. However, if and why it is relevant to protect and support democracy internationally remain open questions.


This special provides answers to these questions. We compile findings from democratization research and policy advice of the German Institute of Development and Sustainability (IDOS) and its partners in the global South and North. On these pages you will find studies and policy recommendations on the value of democracy, the democratic dividend and the motivation and effects of international democracy promotion.