An agenda for Europe in the world

An agenda for Europe in the world

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Bauer, Steffen / Julian Bergmann / Clara Brandi / Mark Furness / Christine Hackenesch / Niels Keijzer / Gabriela Iacobuta / Julia Leininger / Benjamin Schraven et al.
External Publications (2019)

Brussels: European Think Tanks Group

In this new flagship publication, presented at the time that the von der Leyen Commission takes office, the European Think Tanks Group presents this Agenda for Europe in the World. It sets out concrete proposals for action in key domains where the EU can make a difference. Contributions focus on peace and security, mobility and migration, climate action, energy and urbanisation, trade and development, human development, strategic partnerships, democracy support and financing for development.

About the authors

Bauer, Steffen

Political scientist


Brandi, Clara

Economy and Political Science


Furness, Mark

Political Science


Hackenesch, Christine

Political Science


Keijzer, Niels

Social Science


Leininger, Julia

Political Scientist


Bergmann, Julian

Political Science


Schraven, Benjamin

Political Scientist


Iacobuta, Gabriela

Climate and sustainable development policy


Further experts

Aleksandrova, Mariya

Climate risk governance 

Baydag, Melis

Political Science 

Dang, Vy

Political Science 

Dippel, Beatrice


Donnelly, Aiveen

Politcal Science 

Ekoh, Susan S.

Environmental Research 

Erforth, Benedikt

Political Science 

Friesen, Ina

Political Science 

Goedeking, Nicholas

Comparative Political Economy 

Grimm, Sven

Political Science 

Koch, Svea

Social Science 

Lehmann, Ina

Political Science 

Löpelt, Sarah

International relations and Sustainability policy 

Malerba, Daniele


Mathis, Okka Lou

Political Scientist 

Never, Babette

Political Scientist 

Pegels, Anna


Srigiri, Srinivasa Reddy

Agricultural Economist 

von Haaren, Paula

Development Economics