• Rising Powers

Rising Powers

Rising Powers from the developing world change global and national development paths. In an increasingly interconnected world, states like China, India, Brazil, but also Indonesia, Mexico, South Africa or Vietnam impact on the development prospects of other countries. Beyond the traditional perception as middle-income countries, these rising powers are regionally and globally important actors. Thus, they are crucial elements in political problem-solving in a poly-centric world.

The German Development Institute / Deutsches Institut für Entwicklungspolitik (DIE) conducts research on the flexible and dynamic group of rising powers on various aspects of international cooperation. Effects of rising powers can be direct or indirect, positive or negative, regionally limited or global. DIE is working on the diverse ‘new’ actors from rising powers and their norms and goals. Furthermore, of interest are effects on competitiveness and sustainable poverty reduction; activities in and effects on security and governance in developing countries; effects and national policies on ecological sustainability; and structural changes in the world economy.

In knowledge cooperation, DIE is closely connected with institutions from rising powers through its programme “Managing Global Governance”. Thereby, the Institute is also directly in dialogue with differing perspectives on global change.