IDOS International Workshop on Displacement and Migration: “Contested Mobility: Between Local Needs, National Interests, and Global Trends”


Bonn, Germany, 24.05.2023 bis 25.05.2023



With the Agenda 2030 and the adoption of the Global Compacts for Migration and Refugees, the international community faces the challenge of implementing these global agreements at the national and local policy levels – and identifying the role of development policy therein. International agreements on migration- or refugee-related policy can only be sustainably implemented if the national and local political contexts in which these issues are negotiated are properly understood and incorporated into the policy and programme planning by donors, national governments, and local authorities.

This workshop will close IDOS’s German Federal Ministry for Economic Cooperation and Development-funded project “Contested Mobility: Migration Policy in Countries of the Global South Between Local Needs, National Interests, and Global Trends”. As part of the process of presenting project results, the IDOS team will bring together researchers and policy makers working on migration and refugee politics, with talks and panels organized around three global trends:

State fragility: How do the function, or dis-function, of the state, and efforts to counter state fragility, influence policy responses to migration and displacement?

Climate Change: How do international, national, and local climate policies influence migration and displacement? Is there evidence that migration and refugee policies are being shaped to account for climate change?

Urbanisation: What is the role of cities, as both physical spaces and socio-economic constructs, and of policies intended to shape urbanisation, in migration and refugee policy? 

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24.05.2023 bis 25.05.2023


Bonn, Germany


Photo: Charles Martin-Shields

Dr. Charles Martin-Shields
Senior Researcher, Research programme: Transformation of Political (Dis-)order



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