The Nexus Water - Energy - Land - Climate

More than one billion people have no access to clean drinking water and safe sanitation, suffer from malnutrition and cannot use modern energy sources. At the same time resources such as water, energy sources and land are becoming increasingly scarce due to climate change ,a growing world population, shifting consumer behavior and underinvestments in infrastructure.

The interdependencies in the use of resources and the safe provision of water and energy as well as the production of food become apparent. The production of agro-fuels, for example, requires precious water and occupies land that could be used to grow food. Intensive agricultural use in upper watersheds of rivers can intensify erosions and affect electricity generation from hydropower plants downstream. Energy subsidies increase the affordability irrigation pumps for farmers but they lower groundwater levels. Not only climate change, but also climate change mitigation measures may enhance the pressure on water and land resources. The Water - Energy - Land - Climate Nexus focuses explicitly on these intersectoral dependencies.

Research at the German Institute of Development and Sustainability (IDOS) inquires which incentives, governance mechanism and policy instruments could reduce negative effects and stimulate win-win solutions. This topic special presents relevant activities and works - as for example our "Nexus brief"-series.



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