• Klimalog – Research and dialogue for a climate-smart and just transformation

Klimalog – Research and dialogue for a climate-smart and just transformation

The latest assessment reports of the Intergovernmental Panel on Climate Change (IPCC) underline the urgency of drastically reducing global greenhouse gas emissions in order to keep 1.5°C paths possible. A reversal of emission trends in developing and emerging countries is crucial for this, as they are by now responsible for two-thirds of annual global emissions. This applies not least to the requirements for sustainable urban development in the dynamically urbanising developing regions of Africa and Asia.

Furthermore, the assessment reports emphasise the central importance of intact ecosystems, which, in addition to their indispensable potential for carbon storage, also make essential contributions to climate adaptation and disaster risk reduction. The protection or restoration of the ecosystems concerned, in turn, poses particular challenges for developing and emerging countries, especially in climate-vulnerable cities and coastal regions where a rapidly growing population, economic assets and central infrastructure are concentrated.

All this requires a high degree of external support, for normative (historical responsibility), political (international credibility) and empirical (practical feasibility) reasons. At the same time, geopolitics and multiple crises (wars, pandemics, etc.) hamper an international cooperation aligned with this, and take up substantial resources and capacities.





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